Tuesday, April 10, 2012


how could i ever forget this phrase, "Awak kena sabar..kite kena kejar title solehah sama-sama.." T_T

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Time I Missed The Most

Today is 4th of April 2012. Its been more than 3 months now Opah had gone to answer the God’s calling. As a normal human being, we will definitely face death. No one is immortal on this earth. Even the strongest man who used to live during the time of Prophet Moses, Phraoh also faced his death.

By the name of normal human being, we all shall be returned to the Creator. As I still remembered, there were times when I accompanied Opah at the Taiping hospital, it all brought the memories that I somehow regretted. Though I didn’t complained about the condition of Opah at that time, I should have utilized the time given. I should have pampered Opah the same as Opah did on me during I was baby.

So much memories that I kept reminiscing during the time when I was brought up at kampung. I used to be  very naughty, very active that made Opah exhausted. 

I just can’t help to feel extremely upset during the first time I saw Opah in the hospital. She collapsed between morning and noon time when she was sweeping the lawn. I could feel that the whether condition was so hot that time. She also neglected some period of medicine taking. She loved to eat salted fish. And to make things worst, she didn’t even care much about her health though she knew she has high-blood pressure.

                         Opah was asleep, picture taken during the time she admitted at Taiping Hospital 

I can’t help but to feel heart-broken when I saw this picture (taken on 4/11/2011). The doctor confirmed later on that Opah is half-body paralyzed. After sometimes when she was released, Opah stayed at Mak Lang’s house. Every weekend me and mak went to Mak Lang’s house to see Opah. We drove aIl the way from Penang to Taiping and sometime, we headed there after working hours. I do feel the love for Opah is greater during the time she was sick.

Once  Opah asked me to lift her body because she was tired of laying down. Opah’s figure was much much smaller compared to mine. But because of her body condition, she was not able to control her posture and have to depend her weight on us. When I lifted her body, I could feel all the body weight was shifted on me. Initially I put my hand behind Opah’s body to keep her sitting still. But after few minutes, my hand was getting numb. So I shifted my hand with my body just for Opah to feel more comfortable leaning on me.
And we chatted while she sat down leaning on my body. After that, I got an idea of snapping her pictures. Opah don’t usually like to take pictures. She used to complain a lot and claimed that she don’t look good enough to be captured as an image. But pfbrttt..do I care?? I don’t... So, as a result, these two pictures were taken, and she was cooperating..how wonderful.. (I was not wearing head scarf, so I can't advertise the pictures here)

 I said to Opah, “Opah, tengok kamera..” (“Opah, look at the camera..”) and she stared at the camera.. I snapped the picture and quickly look at the result. Then,

“Alaa..kenapa Opah tak senyum??” (“Why didn’t you smile??”) I was not satisfied and re-snap another picture. This time I asked Opah to smile.

“Ok Opah..senyum sikit..” (Ok Opah, now smile..”) And the result was so much pleasing..she smiled though I knew it was hard for her to do it as half of her face muscles were already numb.

There were time, when Opah still on her hospital bed, I said to her..
“Opah kena kuat semangat tau..kena cepat-cepat baik..Opah belum tengok menantu cucu lagi kan?” (Opah have to be strong..you must get better..you still don’t get to see your grandchild’s husband yet, remember?”) 
She looked at me in puzzled, wondering whose that grandchild I’m talking about. Then she asked,
“Siapa??” (“Who??”) I gave her my big grin and replied,
“Suami orang laa..sape lagi? Hehehe..” (“My future husband of course..who else? Hehehe..”) And she gave me a smirk. Hahaha!

It was a sweet yet bitter memory for me to play that scene in my head. I promised Opah I would bring a very nice guy to meet her someday. No matter how great our planning would be, it will never can super-cede Allah’s planning. As until to date, I failed to show Opah that guy.

Can I have this person to be my hubby?? Hehehe..

Eventhough Opah no longer with us, my promise to bring a finest guy into our family remains. I really hope that Opah is resting still to wait for the Day to come.. May Allah accept all the good deeds Opah had done during her worldly life and grant Opah Jannah.. Ameen..